Family portrait photography is big business.  When we first started out in photography, our main focus (pun intended) was just on fine art photography. We had, almost by accident, gotten involved in event photography and that has really taken off. From event photography, we started getting referrals for portrait photography.

At E. Castle Art, our philosophy on portrait photograph is to capture a more relaxed feel to family photos. Long gone are the days of the Glamour Shots where someone’s head is turned “just so” and the chin is resting on the hand. Those don’t capture who the person is and frankly, are boring and can be really awkward.

At our sessions we like a relaxed, enjoyable environment. One that fosters fun and really brings out the personality of each family member.

Boerne Photography_Texas_Hill_Country_Photographer 20151213_Wuchter_Family__DSC8269-Edit_©2015, E. Castle Photography© 2016, E. Castle Photography

© E. Castle Photograhy


Children are hard to keep still anyway and can get tired easily. It’s just not in their nature to stay put in order to get the perfect shot. It takes a lot of keeping up, but letting them explore and actually discovering something is a great way to capture a real look of amazement rather than a manufactured one.

© E. Castle Photography

© E. Castle Photography

Newborns are a whole other matter. Here is a great article for tips. At this point, they do not have the capability to track with their eyes much and turn their heads. So getting them to look directly into the lens is up to you as a photographer to catch. You have to move your feet to adjust to them rather than expecting them to adjust to you.

Boerne Photography_Texas_Hill_Country_Photographer 20151213_Wuchter_Family__DSC8529-Edit-2_©2015, E. Castle Photography© 2016, E. Castle Photography

© E. Castle Photography


It is important as a photographer create an atmosphere that is relaxed so that you can capture people in the their most comfortable element. Remember, most people are not used to being in front of the lens. And sometimes, just the presence of us with all of our big fancy equipment can create a barrier that show through in the final image.

If you are interested in booking a family/maternity/couple session, please contact us.